CFP Board Considers Adjusting The Planner Experience Requirement Hot

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The biggest potential change on the table is lowering the "personal delivery" requirement from three years to two years of full-time planning work.


The goal here is to align the current experience requirement "more closely with the current and expanding professional practice of personal financial planning," the CFP Board says.


In effect, it lets encourages more -- and probably slightly younger -- people to consider becoming certified planners.


However, while the headline rule would change, the CFP Board is also considering tightening some of the peripheral experience requirements. 


Only another CFP professional would be allowed to validate experience. Before, the board would accept other academic or business credentials.


And only experience acquired within five years of taking the CFP exam would qualify. At the moment, someone can accrue experience for up to a decade before taking the test, and it will still count.


Comments on the proposal can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. through September 17.



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