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Fritz Meyer And Bob Keebler Post-Election Guidance To Advisors

by agluck     November 10, 2016      0.0 (0) Fritz Meyer and Bob Keebler delivered a post-election analysis at a hastily-scheduled webinar on Advisors4Advisors the day after the election of Donald J. Trump as the next U.S. President. Keebler, a CPA who has educated legal and accounting professionals for three decades, opens this timely webinar by speaking about the expected direction of

Goal Or Financial Decision?
by SherylCPA     September 02, 2014      0.0 (0) I've been asked some puzzling questions during my career. Most of these fall into a category that I call "goal or financial decision." Once, when I volunteered for a financial planning hotline, I was asked if it was better financially to buy a house or have a baby! I was flabbergasted. My inner voice wanted to answer, "If yo

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Protecting The Innocent
by SherylCPA     June 29, 2014      0.0 (0) I've written about the "evils of annuities" before. What is amazing to me is that annuity-pushers are still ripping people off and getting away with it! Here's a case in point. A friend of mine emailed me that her parents were talked into buying an annuity. They were invited to a "free" steak dinner by a "financial plan

How To Use Behavioral Finance Techniques To Generate “Advisor Alpha” In Financial Planning Relationships
by agluck     April 12, 2014      0.0 (0) Scott Burns and Uri Pomerantz, who have designed an app to help financial advice professionals capture the three-percentage points of return annually squandered by consumers on common behavioral finance mistakes, spoke yesterday at an A4A continuing professional education webinar entitled, Applying Behavioral Finance Research To Mass-Affluent Fina

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Beware Elder Fraud!
by SherylCPA     March 02, 2014      0.0 (0) It might seem trite to bring up "elder fraud" again. Trite as it might seem, it is real and happening NOW! A good friend called me last week, upset after finding out about her parents' experience. It went like this:

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