Keebler Delivers Everything A Financial Advisor Needs To Know About Taxation Of Trusts And Estates

Billing a webinar as “Everything A Financial Advisor Needs To Know About Estate Planning And Trusts,” is audacious, but Robert Keebler delivers the goods.

Keebler received a 4.8-star rating of the live session. Then, in a fast-paced and broad-ranging 15-minute Q&A, Keebler offer unvarnished analysis of the tax policy implications of the November 2016 Presidential election.

Keebler says the estate tax exemption is likely to be lowered if Hillary is elected. As much as everyone hates taxes, the increase in the estate tax exemption has driven estate lawyers out of business and reduced demand life insurance-related solutions. It was bad for the financial advice business but gave inheritors a huge boost.

Keebler plainly states that the election of Hillary Clinton improves the odds of the estate exemption being reduced. This is great news for tax and investment professionals.

Maybe they will call the new tax legislation, “The Full-Employment Act For CPAs And Insurance Advisors of 2017.” However, since most advisors presumably are ardent supporters of lower taxation, this may be an unwelcome possibility. Either way, it is the kind of inside understanding of the financial advice business that we thrive on here at A4A, and your reviews and ratings tell us you appreciate it.  

If you're a seasoned financial advisor, who is not dealing in estate and trusts rules all the time, then this is a great refresher. However, if you're a new advisor and don't know estate and trust rules, this webinar is must see TV.

Comments from attendees of the live session follow. Please rate and comment on a replay of the session here.

  • I always like Bob Keebler's seminars but I expected more about the actual processes of allocating and distributing the estate, including an overview of income tax effects/concerns. This was mostly legal terminology.
  • very, very good
  • Keebler rocks!
  • It was very basic.
  • good stuff
  • excellent
  • Mr. Keebler is always a good presenter, but the scope of his webinars is too extensive.  Narrowing the topic would allow for slower delivery and more comprehension by the listeners.
  • Keebler is excellent.
  • Decent ... but not his best work
  • Very informative
  • Bob always takes a complicated topic and makes it understandable.
  • Good review of terminology and strategy
  • Very good.  Would love one of Bob's programs with a focus on California gift and estate tax strategies only.  I think he would get a large audience.
  • Good and at a better level for me than some of Keebler's webinars that I've heard which address more advanced issues.  I very much appreciated having a more basic level approach (though at some points he was still speaking a little fast for me to keep up)
  • great job!
  • Great info, Bob always does an excellent job
  • Great job as always, Bob. Super overview of the estate and trusts area for sure. Somewhat elementary for RIAs with strong tax and legal backgrounds, but valuable as a quick review nevertheless. Agree with Bob on virtually all points, including the possibility of estate tax exemptions being reduced in the future. Not many people think about this issue but should be cognizant of it for long-term planning purposes. Minor note: Incorrect use of the word "Principals" in presentation--should be principles.
  • Good review of the basics. I relearned a couple of important things.
  • very knowledgeable speaker
  • Good presentation but went through slides very quickly, especially the maps.  Also, since this is my first webinar with Advisors4Advisors, I didn't know if I was supposed to answer the set of questions on the various topics.  What was annoying was they blocked out the slides so I missed some key information and they were also distracting.  It would be more effective if the questions were left to the end of the webinar.
  • Very good info - liked the QA


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