IRAs, Death And Taxes Wins A 4.7-Star Rating Hot

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Need a refresher class on advanced IRA planning techniques? Bob Keebler nails it in this class this 4.7-star rated session.

While the title of the session title is “IRAs and Roth IRA After A Client Dies,” Keebler goes through the labyrinthine rules covering IRA inheritance and second marriages, kids with special needs, and other real-life situations complicating the implications of an IRA owner’s death.  

Keebler received an average rating of 4.7 stars on the five-star scale.


  • Very good.  Glad I listened in.
  • Very detailed and that's good
  • AAA+++ great strategies.
  • Very good. Lot of applications.
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent.
  • Super
  • Bob was excellent as usual.
  • Very informative!
  • Very knowledgeable presenter, had to work to keep up
  • Bob is always full of great information and wisdom for us.
  • Excellent
  • Great stuff.  Need a lot more time to really cover it all.
  • Very detailed and difficult to take notes or save for later study
  • Bob is always amazing.
  • I want to listen to it again.  Mr. Keebler brought up some very interesting facts that i need to revisit.  I could have used more time on this!  I will be looking forward to additional webinars on this subject.
  • Excellent refresher webinar
  • Excellent as always.
  • Great
  • I listen to bob a lot.  This was one of his best presentations.
  • Great info!
  • Excellent but complicated subject to digest. I think a whole new webinar just on bob's "slide # 22" - the flow chart on ira issues after demise.
  • It was great, but required more time
  • Great information, could possibly become two hour credited session
  • The seminar was very good and bob keebler is excellent.  The material he teaches is extremely complex and rushed in a fifty minute format.  As andy said in the q&a, bob's flowchart is worth a one-hour session.  
  • Good.
  • Excellent as usual
  • Very informative
  • Excellent material but too quick thru most of it.
  • Lots of info and very helpful



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