Check Out The Sponsors That Make Advisors4Advisors Possible

Wednesday, June 09, 2010 23:58
Check Out The Sponsors That Make Advisors4Advisors Possible


In case you didn’t notice, we’ve added our first two sponsors to Advisors4Advisors—Carolina Capital Markets and USA Mutuals. Please check it out. What we're doing with advertisers is a bit unusual.

Anyone who’s been reading Advisors4Advisors knows we’re very different from any other website for independent financial advisors.

So it should come as no surprise that we’re trying to do something different with advertisers that want to reach independent advisors.

Blinking banner advertisements, pulsating animations, and graphics that fly across the page do nothing but annoy readers.

I believe that the ubiquitous display ad is bad for advertisers and readers.

Rather than relying on a cheap tricks to distract you to get you to click on a display ad, we’re asking sponsors  to provide educational content.

The independent advisors who rely on Advisors4Advisors for news and analysis about the financial services business are professionals. Our audience, while small, is very smart.

Because we respect your intelligence, we’re going to do whatever we can to avoid blinking banners and ads that serve no purpose other than selling you something. Our advertisers need to want to be your partners and that’s why they sign up with us.
So check out the bond data and market wrap-up being posted weekly by Carolina Capital Management, a bond broker serving RIAs. Yields on corporates, foreign bonds, and munis along with spreads against Treasurys across different terms and credit-quality ratings are updated by CCM weekly in a series of elaborate
tables and charts.

And another sponsor, USA Mutuals, which distributes The Vice Fund, released a white paper on A4A about
dividend investing in sin stocks.

Please let me know how we’re doing. Let me know if we’re on the right track. We’re trying hard.


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