A4A Special Edition On The Downgrade Of America's Credit Rating

Saturday, August 06, 2011 12:57
A4A Special Edition On The Downgrade Of America's Credit Rating

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To help investment advisors better understand the meaning of the downgrade by a major U.S. credit rating agency, Advisors4Advisors is today publishing a special edition.


A4A contributors, which include many of the smartest independent financial advisors in the country, are posting new blog entries today and tomorrow reacting to the credit downgrade.



At a time of heightened fear, I want to express my gratitude to the individuals for generously sharing their ideas on Advisors4Advisors to help other professionals.

Independent financial advisors generally don't have a chief investment strategist, staff economist, or teams of analysts who can assess these issues. So we are attempting to fill that gap here.


Please comment on the postings and share your ideas to help the thousands of advisors who are now part of the A4A online community.


The downgrade of the creditworthiness of the U.S. is, without question, an historic event. Just how significant it will be, however, is open to debate.


Please rely on A4A to promote intelligent exploration of the issue.





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I just wanted to provide some feedback that I so appreciated receiving this special edition over the weekend! It helped me to craft an email which I sent out to my clients on Saturday, which was well received by clients in advance of today’s sell off.

I find this service very useful and I review the daily email with great interest each morning. Thank you!

Patricia Patterson, CFP, CMFC
patriciap858 , August 08, 2011
I've heard this may be the beginning of Obamageddon; a real Barrackolypse. Personally, yawn, it's not like anybody didn't see this coming, yawn. Time to buy more stocks!
vguettlein , August 08, 2011

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