Financial History Practice Section Launches New

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The Financial History Practice Section (FHPS) was recently launched to elevate public discourse on this very important topic to financial advisors and consumers.


Continual study of financial history is fundamental to acting as an investment fiduciary. Oddly, however, CFP®, CPA, CFA®, CIMA® and other professionals are not required to study financial history. Although practitioners may have taken American history classes in high-school or college, they are not required to learn about the Great Inflation of 1965 to 1982, the post-World War I/post-pandemic period of 1918 to 1923, or other historic events remarkably relevant to understanding financial conditions today and advising an investor prudently.


Under CE requirements today, a 40-year-old who was born in 1983 and who possesses little or no interest in learning about history could be advising individuals based solely on their own life experience, paying little or no regard to lessons from events in the distant past about previous inflation crises, pandemics, and other historic events in the distant past that inform a prudent professional's investment outlook.


Registration links for upcoming quarterly Financial History Course led by Mark J. Higgins, CFA, CFP®  as well as a blog by Mark with his latest thoughts, the Q&A from previous classes, and an FAQ about the financial history CE/CPE programming on A4A linked from the FHPS pages on A4A. 


To elevate the importance of this topic to financial consumers as well as financial advisors, A4A's consumer facing website is now providing a free listing to members of the FHPS. To be clear, if you sign up for the financial history course on A4A, you'll be listed in a directory matching advisors with consumers on         



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