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Every advisor who attended the debut class by Mark J. Higgins and left a review was positive or thrilled! Comments and average ratings from attendees are discussed below.

About Mark J Higgins, CFA, CFP®:  Mark was a senior strategy consultant for 12 years to $60 billion of institutionally managed assets. He found financial history was more important than tracking the latest monthly data In formulating his investment outlook. He’s writing a book, Becoming An Enlightened Investor (Greenleaf Book Group), which is expected to be available in Fall 2023, and now a full-time independent financial historian. Mark came across Advisors4Advisors on the Web and contacted me because, he says, "A4A’s classes are a serious effort to educate financial professionals." 

About me. I’ve been paid to report news since 1980 and have always done pretty much exactly what I want professIionally. Since 2009, Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen, and Bob Keebler have taught on, my CE/CPE website, regularly. I’ve sponsored and produced their classes on-demand to provide a CE/CPE curriculum dedicated to serving the best interests of consumers and financial advisors. Mark Higgins Financial History Quarterly Course advances my work to improve CE/CPE for investment advice professionals and educate consumers.

Collaborating daily with Mark J. Higgins for the past four months stands out as a highlight in my 40 years of writing personal finance. Mark’s classes advance the education of financial professionals, and I am honored to produce a quarterly CE/CPE course about financial history with him. 

About The 9.5/10 Rating. The 9.5 rating (on a scale of 10) puts Mark Higgins on par with A4A's best instructors of financial professionals: Fritz Meyer, Bob Keebler, and Craig Israelsen. Most intructors new to A4A receive muc

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h lower ratings, usually in the range of 7 or 8 on their first class. A4A members are discerning practitioners, which is why they pay for our CE/CPE even though free clases are abundant. The 9.5 rating provies Mark is a gifted instructor.

A New Knowledge Topic For CFPs. The knowledge requirements imposed on CFP® professionals are expansive but adding financial history as a knowledge topic improves the quality of advice to clients. The 2021 learning objectives, a 15-page document detailing what you need to know to be a CFP® professional and that serves as a curricular framework for CFP Board’s education coursework, does not currently require knowledge of financial history. Yet expanding one's knowledge of financial history seems fundamental to serving clients. We are excited to partner with Mark Higgins to offer these financial history courses and become the pioneers in this new field of CE/CPE for professionals.

Bottom line:  Mark Higgins financial history course lets you see today's events through a lens reflecting distant history.         

Unedited reviews from attendees of the live class:

  • Absolutely outstanding webinar. It is extremely enlightening and the dynamic of the presentation was very good.
  • Excellent
  • Outstanding!
  • Enjoyed it and think this type of content is very valuable. Different from other info out there. (I appreciate Fritz Meyer's long-term view as well.)
  • Very good
  • Excellent!
  • Very good!
  • A financial historical perspective I had not seen before.  It was well presented and very valuable.
  • It was very interesting and effective
  • EXCELLENT...I wish I had known all of this 12 months would have been very helpful to have had the historical perspective.  I happen to be old enough to remember the 70s and 80s and the Volcker was still good to put it in perspective.
  • Kudos for offering this.
  • Helpful. Solid information.
  • Excellent - as a 60 something advisor with 30 years experience I think this course would be very helpful for everyone - but especially younger advisors. The perspective it offers is invaluable. Looking forward to the course and the ensuing book.
  • Great overview
  • Straight forward and interesting
  • Interesting
  • Very good
  • Fabulous!  There have been misleading headlines in the past that said would address inflation & really didn't.  So thrilled you had this session.   Love the history & visuals.  Also great that we could have the handouts, love many of the quotes he highlighted.
  • Strong

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