Fritz Meyer Is Setting A New Standard For Communicating With Your Clients About Investing Hot

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Fritz’ analysis is important because it provides a framework for how an investment professional should approach investing. In a world in which TV talking heads are ever-present in dens, kitchens, and bedrooms, maintaining a focus on helping clients achieve long-term goals is probably the No. 1 challenge faced by private wealth advisors. That’s why Fritz’s ideas are so well-liked by financial advice professionals.  

Because independent financial advice professionals are such a fragmented group of entrepreneurs, they’ve have never had a trusted independent source of investment and economic analysis like Fritz Meyer before. And unlike the investment strategists at big Wall Street firms, Fritz has no hidden agenda. He is totally aligned with individual investors served by independent investment advice professionals. 
And, in addition to giving advisors a way of speaking about investing that supports client retention, Fritz’s monthly webinars are a practical, timely, and cost-effective way to improve your client communication and marketing effort
Here’s what attendees said about Fritz’s most recent webinar:
  • Great info as usual; may want to consider increasing the time slot to 90 minutes
  • Super!!
  • Always love Fritz' presentation. I am bummed when I have to miss it.
  • Fritz dominates!
  • Excellent as always.
  • Because Fritz has so much to share in the quarterly review updates, have you considered expanding the sessions from 1 hour to 90 minutes and applying for 1.5 CEs. This way he can continue providing his insights without having the need to terminate the call before he finishes.
  • Great stuff. Thanks.
  • Very solid information and analysis, with detailed related to the why and wherefore. The level of detail is significant and important. Consideration should be given to getting Fritz out of the box immediately and then using the latter part of the session on the marketing aspects of the information and its potential uses. Also, given the extent of data and the need to work through it, consider expanding the session another 30 minutes to give Fritz his full due on covering all of his points.
  • Excellent as always.
  • I enjoy these, but I DO find the quizzes for the CPA's annoying. How many can there be, compared to CFP's? Couldn't they just take a quiz after the presentation?
  • 60 minutes is too short a time period for the amount of information Fritz presents each month. His perspective is invaluable and provides a good foundation for understanding why markets are behaving even though Washington is fiddling. THe international focus helps avoid thinking the rest of the world has passed us by in the US.
  • Fritz was excellent, as always
  • Always excellent
  • Great per usual!
  • I always learn something that I can take back to clients from Mr. Fritz
  • excellent as usual
  • Fritz was very good, as he reliably is!
  • Comprehensive and full of facts to share w/ clients
  • Mini specific subject webcasts in between these monthly overall webcasts would be helpful
  • Very good.
  • Excellent presentation
  • Very Good
  • Great information as always
  • Loved it!
  • As always Fritz has given us a good amount of current economic data with historic context.
  • Perhaps this webinar could be 2 hours long since Mr Meyer has a wealth of information that is usually cut short on these webinars. thanks.
  • Great info! What do we need to do for CPA credit?
  • The volume was not working for me. How can I assure I will receive CFP CE credit?
  • very good
  • Excellent
  • Great but it should be kept to an hour
  • Excellent!!
  • Fritz has a gift at taking the complex and communicating with clarity. He mentioned asset allocation at the end of his presentation. Given the economic backdrop he presents, most of us would be interested in his views on asset allocation given the economic framework.
  • While I like Fritz's presentations very much, his use of time is disappointing. Maybe the introductory comments and descriptions could become an appendage or attachment sent either before or after the webinar.
  • I think the goals were too aggressive for the timespan
  • Fritz, thank you again for the fantastic presentation and upbeat outlook that has become your trademark. It is greatly appreciated by similarly minded advisors. I've managed to "train" my clients to completely ignore the media, and you've bolstered my confidence in doing so. It's made a big difference in how I approach this topic of the media hype. Thank you.
  • Current and relevant
  • That was great--among the best of presentations ever, for me. I've been in this business since 1982.
  • Great interpretation of economic data
  • The audio volume was not consistent. Was Fritz moving away from his microphone?
  • Fritz Meyer did an excellent job - as always!
  • Fabulous!!!





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