Talk To Me, Readers: Do You Value Aggregated News About Financial Advising Or Would You Prefer More Original Analysis And Opinion? Hot

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A4A's audience is great. About half our 4,500 members have filled in profiles showing 95% our members are owners, partners, or professionals at RIAs. t's a great group.


I want to provide you with what you want. So please let me know if you value the aggregation of news from other sites? 


We look at other sites targeted to financial planners, investment advisors, wealth managaers, and money managers.  Plus, we're aggregating content from blogs by economists, industry thought leaders, academia, and technology websites, and we're also looking at big media -- The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others.  


Would you prefer original content on wealth management? If so, what kind?


Your feedback would be appreciated greatly.


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