Advisors4Advisors Is Getting 10,000 Unique Visitors Monthly, And I Just Returned From The TDAI Conference Where Some Of You Were Really Nice To Me Hot

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I had not given a second’s thought about what I was going to say at an 11 a.m. speaking session, and I shared the podium with three other writers covering technology and practice management, Joel Bruckenstein, Davis Janowski, and Bill Winterberg. Jon Patullo, a senior tech executive at TDAI was the moderator.  I was unprepared and would be humiliated. Why do I always get myself into these disastrous deadline situations?
I woke up at seven, showered, packed, checked out, and had settled in with a cup of coffee at the social media lab at by 8:10. The six or eight tables comprising the lab were empty because attendees were heading to the ballroom to see former Vice-President Richard B. Cheney speak at 8:30. I remained undisturbed for 15 productive minutes when Glenn Young, a TDAI relationship manager, passes by and doesn’t say hello. I guess he could tell I was thinking and didn’t want to disturb me, but I had to give him a hard time for not saying hello.
Glenn moved on quickly, but not 10 feet behind me, he starts talking with an advisor who, after Cheney was done, would be speaking at the social media lab about search engine optimization. I knew the advisor’s firm name (a customer of Advisor Products) and had to say hello to him. Of course, then I could not stop talking to him because he’s really sharp and we share an interest in SEO and financial advisors.
The advisor sits down at my table and we’re talking for a few minutes, when another advisor storms out of the ballroom and, clearly agitated, sits down at the table and declares: “Cheney is so full of crap.” He rails on the ailing former Vice-President for a moment and then the three of us get to talking.
I need to prepare for my session and threaten to go back to my room if they don’t stop speaking to me.
Then the guy who dislikes Cheney tells me, “A4A is great. I love it.”
I tell the pair about how I stink at getting advertisers for A4A and they were so supportive.
Point is, A4A readers are really nice to me. Thanks.


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