Less Than A Week Away From Google Reader’s Shutdown, Have You Switched To Another Feed Reader?
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 08:39

Google announced several months ago that it would be shutting down Reader. Have you switched to another feed reader yet? Which one is best?

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My favorites is Feedly, but there are lot of others in the running. Newsfire, NewsBlur, NextGen for Windows 8, Feedbin.  Feedly has apps for all the different operating systems and devices and seems to be the big winner.

With A Terabyte Of Free Storage, You'd Be Nuts Not To Move All Your Photos To Flickr
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 15:20

I uploaded about 1300 photos to Flickr this past weekend, following Yahoo's announcment last week that Flickr was giving users a terabyte of space for free, and a story in today's New York Times confirms I was thinking right.



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"Yahoo may be nuts to offer a deal like this," writes David Pogue, a Times tech columnist, "but you’d be nuts not to exploit it."


To be clear, a terabyte (TB) is 1,024 gigabytes. A terabyte is about the same amount of information as all of the books in a large library. My 1300 photos, all shot on a Canon EOS Rebel camera, took up about 25GBs of storage space. Flickr says you should be able to upload 600,000 5.5-megapixel photos with the allowed free space.


Flickr is owned by Yahoo! and it fell into disrepair in recent years, after Yahoo! lost momentum to Google as the search engine. With Marissa Meyer taking over at Yahoo! a few months ago, Yahoo's making some interesting moves. It has revamped Flickr and is being praised for making the photo-sharing site more user friendly and graphically appealing. Getting people to load their photos is just one way Yahoo! is planning to make its portal popular again. 


Uploading photos is fast, depending on your Webh connection, but you can only upload 200 at a time. Flickr has an app for Android phones and tablets, iOS phones and tablets, and WindowsPhones. (Nothing for Windows tablets yet.)


You can share photos only with family and/or friends. just be careful who can view your photos when you upload them, or edit your sharing settings in the personal information of your account. 


If you want to back up your photos or share them, Flickr is much better than using Dropbox. SkyDrive or other storage sites that charge you once you usee more than a specified amount of storage. And you can edit your pictures online. 






Yahoo Gives Photo Sharing Site, Flickr A New Look And Offers One Terabyte Of Free Storage Space
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 08:41

Flickr, a photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo!, got a huge upgrade. With Yahoo! fighting to make itself more relevant, Flickr will now give you one terabyte of free storage for your photos.


While everyone wants to consolidate their files as much as possible, we're already seeing seeing apps that let you manage free storage space from multiple providers in a single interface. So this could be an ingenious move by Yahoo!.


In addition to the massive upgrade in storage, Yahoo! gave Flickr a new interface that is much more modern.








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IPad, iPhone Users Can Search Google With Voice Commands With New "Google Now" App for iOS
Monday, April 29, 2013 10:42

Tags: technology

Google Now and voice search is available today for iPad and iPhone. Previously, the service was only available on Android devices running Android 4.1

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This makes avaiable to iOS users Google's context-aware search functionality, says Ars Technica. To use this app, sign into your Google account and access the Google Search application. Tap the microphone icon to initiate voice-dictated search queries. Talking to search the Web is less hassle than typing, especially on a mobile device that you're using no the road all the time.


Cornell NYC Tech Gets Its Start
Saturday, April 13, 2013 16:20

Tags: advisor technology

New York, the nation's other tech center, is getting a technology boost. Cornell University, an Ivy League college, is opening to students.

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"Just 13 months after being awarded the prize in Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s contest to create a new science school, Cornell NYC Tech got up and running. Eight students enrolled in January in what is being called the beta class, a one-year master’s program in computer science," says The New York Times today.  

The school's unorthodox curriculum eschews the traditional approach to learning. Instead, real-world experience is baked in. The Times cynically covers the new approach Cornell NYC Tech is taking and buries the lead.

"If all the hopes and hype are warranted," the story opens, "a nondescript third-floor loft in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan offers a glimpse of the future, for New York City and for Cornell University."  


By framing the story from the start with, "If all the hopes and hype are warranted," the story tells readers that he feels like the new approach of the school is hype. Who cares? Readers are best served when you report only what you know to be true. Spending any words on ungrounded skepticism waste a reader's time. As a result, some very cool facts are buried.

The U.S. Commerce Department has stationed a patent officer on the premises to help with patent applications and strategy — an arrangement that federal officials say is a first," says the story's twelfth paragraph.

Buried in the thirteenth paragraph: students every semester work with mentors from the private sector to create new products. Two students are working with a Google engineer on open-source software to predict severe weather.


Even if the school's unorthodox approach fails and Cornell NYC Tech must change course, New York is getting a big boost as "the nation's other technology center." For the city's students and businesses, this is a great new resource.

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