GoDaddy’s Outage Caused More Disruption Than Just Websites Going Down
Friday, September 14, 2012 16:59

Tags: security

On September 10 2012 GoDaddy.com experienced an outage that took down the company’s services for hours. This outage caused more disruption than is being written about.

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This outage caused a few of our clients to lose internet access because of the settings in their own firewall.  Some firewalls have advanced features that are meant to fail over to an alternate internet line when the primary line is down. Because the firewall could not reach the website it used to determine that the internet was up the firewall shut down the internet.  
We have all become so dependent on the internet that we can't to have the internet be down.
Some recommendations to prevent this from happen to you:

  1. Have at least two internet providers of different technology (ie Cable, Fios or Fiber)
  2. Test your firewall to make sure the fail over is working properly
  3. Use a Wireless 4G USB or Mifi for backup (some firewalls can be configured to use as second internet)
Read more on the GoDaddy outage in the following articles:
Please feel free to comment on how this outage affected you.
How To Improve Your Site's Search Ranking Using SEO
Thursday, August 23, 2012 22:02

Tags: marketing | Search Engines

The most recent effort by Google and other search engines to make search better for consumers makes it wise to stop stuffing keywords into poorly written copy and focus on quality. Unique blogs, images, and video are all increasingly key in today’s Web world,

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says PC World.



An Even Better Way To Manage Bookmarks Of Favorite Websites
Friday, August 17, 2012 13:01

Tags: productivity

Here’s a productivity tool to manage bookmarks of your favorite websites by putting your most-frequented websites on “speed dial.” It’s a free browser add-on that enables you to create thumbnails of your favorite websites visual bookmarks on a private browser page, and you can organize them in groups.  
The add-on is called FVD Speed Dial and it’s available for Firefox or Chrome.
With this add on, you can right click on any page and choose “Add Speed Dial.” Just click “next” and it creates a thumbnail that links to the site.
You can drag and drop the thumbnails to put them in any order. You can also organize your favorites into groups. For example, you might have one group for “ETFs” and another for “Taxes.” You can also right click to move a thumbnail from one group to another.
IE9 users, by the way, can do something similar without an add-on.  
In the past, I’ve written about other ways to organize your favorites for quick access, but this is now my favorite.  

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$35 Million Home Sale Marketed With Web Video And iPad App
Tuesday, August 07, 2012 21:02

Tags: Offbeat

A $35 million Malibu mansion is being marketed by a realtor in an iPad loaded with a custom app featuring a seductive, Hollywood-style action video showcasing the six-acre trophy property.

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The marketing plan for selling Carbon Mesa -- a 9,000-square-foot, Malibu, Calif., was reported in Read Write Web, which says the home boasts 180-degree Pacific Ocean views.


"Owner DeeAnna Staats is no novice stumbling upon an eccentric sales idea; she owns a real estate and restaurant development company that specializes in turning around luxury properties," reports RWW.


Apple Officials Reportedly Considering Buying A Stake In Twitter To Shore Up Social Media Presence
Saturday, July 28, 2012 00:56

Tags: Social Media

Apple, trying to fill a hole in its otherwise dominating position in the technology people use everyday, reportedly is talking with Twitter about making a strategic investment in it,

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according to a story in Saturday's New York Times.

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