How To Self Publish Your Book With Amazon’s CreateSpace

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 03:16
How To Self Publish Your Book With Amazon’s CreateSpace

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For advisors, self publishing a book is a great idea. If you have original content about your area of expertise, self-publishing a book--even if it's short--is a great idea.


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This post on Mashable details how to self publish using Amazon's platform and gives a few ideas about marketing it.


Even if you give away the book as a free report, you can still offer it for sale on Amazon. But the giveaway can be a way to generate leads and a book establishes your credibility as an expert.


"Most people searching Amazon or shopping the book shelves don’t even think to question whether the book was self-published or printed by a publishing company," Mashable points out. "They wouldn’t ever know unless they checked the product details."



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