What To Do If You Get Negative Reviews From Consumers On Yelp

Wednesday, June 01, 2011 03:13
What To Do If You Get Negative Reviews From Consumers On Yelp

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More and more advisors will be rated on Yelp in the months ahead. What can you do when you get negative ratings and reviews?

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Yelp is like Google Places. It's a place on the Web where consumers can rate companies.


And just because you have not claimed your business on Yelp does not stop people from rating your firm.


Yelp is mostly used on mobile phones but also accessible on the Web.


Many people use it to find a place to eat or buy other routine items. 


But that doesn't mean consumers cannot rate your advisory business on Yelp.


Just as such ratings have started to become more common on more highly trafficked Google Maps, more ratings and reviews of advisors will be coming in the months ahead.


And being listed and rated on Yelp will help you in search engine rankings.


Here's a story with ideas about a dealing with a business owner's worst nightmare: negative ratings on a public site like Yelp.

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