How To Add Facebook Questions To Your Brand Page

Monday, March 28, 2011 19:43
How To Add Facebook Questions To Your Brand Page

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Facebook recently added new features to its "Questions" page where you can engage your fans and friends and they can share their answers with their friends. That's a good place for advisors who can figure out how to navigate the compliance issues. 

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And the compliance issues should not be that difficult, since your friends are writing their answers.  However, advisors would need to be careful not to ask for recommendations on these pages.


But the ease with wihich you can get friends involved makes this feature an intriguing one and it's  a great way to get your followers involved with your content. It's why Facebook is going to increasingly be the social networking site where advisors market.


In addition to the video below, see Mashable's post about how to set up the Questions page and you can also check out  Facebook's FAQ about i.



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