Are Blogs Already A Dying Art? Yes, Say Some But I'm Not Buying It

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 23:07
Are Blogs Already A Dying Art? Yes, Say Some But I'm Not Buying It

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The demise of blogging is suggested by a Pew Internet report looking at Internet habits across 2010, says PC World, and there's little doubt that blogging isn't the fresh young thing it was five years ago.

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The author, who ironically makes his case in a blog post, says the rise of social media sites supplanting blogs.


I'm not buying it, however. Content marketing is great way of attracting prospects and blogging is the primary vehicle. 


While blogs may be dying with teens, they remain a crucial vehicle for businesses. Plus, the search engine benefits can be significant because you can use a blog to focus on your keywords in your posts. And, if you do it right, a blog will get high rankings in search engines and help people find you who are searching for information you write about.


For advisors, blogging remains an inexpensive way to get your message out at a price most firms can afford and is woefully underutilized.



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