Clean Up Windows And Your Hard Drive

Thursday, January 13, 2011 20:29
Clean Up Windows And Your Hard Drive

Is your PC dragging at boot time? Does it take too long to do common tasks? Put snap back into your PC's step with these free and low-cost cleanup utilities.

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Hands down, the single download with the most comprehensive set of tools for cleaning a PC and making it run faster is ....

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Thanks for linking to this. A few years ago, my laptop was so slow that I finally ordered a new laptop. Then, a friend told me to run CCleaner. My old laptop felt brand new after that! I regretted that I hadn't used it before plunking down over $1000 for a new laptop.

That said, advisors should have more proactive monitoring programs that keep their computers healthy and secure. Financial Computer has a great product for this.
steveambuul , January 14, 2011

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