2011 Resolutions For SMBs: Move To The Cloud (If You Haven't Already)

Thursday, December 30, 2010 21:35
2011 Resolutions For SMBs: Move To The Cloud (If You Haven't Already)

The cloud has perks beyond cost savings, says . The more your business's applications are hosted online, the easier it will be to accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce. It also helps enable collaboration. Unlike many of their legacy, desktop counterparts, cloud-based applications can usually integrate with one another quite easily.

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According to Read Write Web, "There's little doubt that the cloud is going to be a huge part of the future of business. If you've been putting off the transition, there's no better excuse than the arrival of a new year to get things moving."


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Don't Trust The Cloud

cloud –noun
3. a dim or obscure area in something otherwise clear or transparent.
5. anything that obscures or darkens something, or causes gloom, trouble, suspicion, disgrace, etc.

Last night I went on to my personal Hotmail account and found that my hundreds of saved emails from the past four years are gone. I have external hard drive backups of my home computer data at my office and backups of my work computer data at home, so in the event of data loss, I can always recover it. Hotmail has lost my data and poof!- it's gone in the vapor of "the cloud." I hope Microsoft can recover my messages (I can't even imagine how much important data I've lost from four years of email).

Folks, if Microsoft can lose your data, anyone can! So make sure you have physical backups of all your vital data.
aaronk818 , December 31, 2010
Important data, whether hosted in the cloud or locally, should always be backed up. And remember, as a wise man once said, "Trust, but verify."
agluck , January 03, 2011

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