Virtualization: The Executive Summary

Thursday, December 30, 2010 21:29
Virtualization: The Executive Summary

Virtualization is a buzzword. If you haven't yet got a grip on what it means, you probably feel a little left-out. Virtualization seems to defy common sense, and it can be hard to understand why there's a rush of interest surrounding it.

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Here's an explanation. 


Please post a comment if you are using virtualization or if you plan to in 2011. Also, let me know if I need to cover this more in the months ahead.


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The most prevalent form of virtulaization isn't even mentioned here. The ability to run a new Windows 7 system in XP mode. This allows me to run a very old version of my accounting software on my new machine without spending $350 on an upgrade.
stvnrsmth , December 31, 2010

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