A Rise In Fake Antivirus Puts Advisors & Their Clients At Risk

Friday, April 30, 2010 10:52
A Rise In Fake Antivirus Puts Advisors & Their Clients At Risk


Oops! You may have just given your credit card information to scammers! And not only do they have your credit card information now, but they have also installed “malware” giving them access to your computer!

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Scared? You should be! This phony antivirus scam is likely victimizing thousands of people every day!
With this scam, a naïve Internet user is an easy mark.
You and your staff must be able to identify the difference between an Internet browser security pop-up warning and a security warning generated by your antivirus and malware protection. A browser pop-up can be programmed by any miscreant hacker. That’s how people get duped into downloading virus protection that’s malware.
Look at what you’re doing when you’re browsing the Internet! Be careful about what you download, especially when you’re getting a message about virus protection.
Some other ways to prevent falling victim:
  • Make sure your antivirus and malware software are real, working properly, and updated with the latest virus protection files
  • Be sure your firewall working correctly
  • Use your operating system’s automatic update feature
  • Download updates promptly after they’re released
  • Be especially careful with emails, attachments and downloads from people and sites you don’t know
  • Be deliberate about giving your credit card information on any website
For more information, check out this article: Google: Fake antivirus is 15 percent of all malware.

You’re on your computer when a message pops up:  your virus protection expired.  As instructed, you enter your credit card information.

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Right after I wrote this blog I was browsing the legitimate news (not porn) and sure enough my computer started to act funny. Popup's all over the screen and then the computer was infected. Crazy!
BEdelman , May 18, 2010
We are seeing a significant increase in fake antivirus again. Please make sure you are properly protected for you and your clients.

BEdelman , September 14, 2010
I got nailed by something called "Smart Fortress" which is so sophisticated that it will even affect Windows in safe mode. And it totally shuts down all of your applications and essentially hijacks your computer, holding hostage until you come up with a credit card (fyi I was NOT fooled) to "release" your system. I had to physically take my computer to the shop to get this removed.
Patricia , April 03, 2012

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