CRM Going Social?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 14:10
CRM Going Social?

The concept of taking CRM solutions to the next level has evolved to include the prospect of integrating social media to round out what is being coined a business intelligence dashboard. As we have discussed in articles, webinars and other formats on A4A - how you implement CRM and maximize its capabilities is critical.

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A well-oiled CRM system will have records for all of your

  • prospects
  • active clients
  • terminated clients
  • centers of influence
  • industry connections

Additionally, your team would track all interactions, activities, tasks and notes across these items - building out a master source of information about your business. 

Turning that page to the new media world - consider tracking your interactions on social media, including blogs, with your customers. I have spoken to numerous practices that are communicating in some form or fashion across social media tools - both closed and open systems. If they could tag this data back to the CRM database - a more comprehensive view of your business emerges.

Forrester, a longstanding research organization in the business technology space, was early to follow these new trends in CRM. The Forrester blog has been following this on and off and is now facilitating a "tweet jam" on Wednesday March 24 from 1-3 PM EDT. This kind of virtual evcent on Twitter is when users focus in on specific topics and use a hashtag in each Twitter post so all users can follow these messages. For example, #crmjam is the hashtag being used for this event.

A recent post on the Forrester blog spelled out their views on social crm more clearly. There are certainly intersections where this could present opportunities for financial services. Initially an exploratory step could be to monitor what is being said about you and your brand(s) on social media, and if you are an active user, monitoring who forwards or furthers the content you post. By integrating this into CRM - there is value for executive, compliance and marketing managers.

To simply follow and observe the event - you can setup a search either on or in your Twitter client of choice (i.e. HootSuite, Tweetie, Seesmic, Tweet Deck, etc) that looks for #crmjam. 

If you determine to post a comment or question - insure you include that #crmjam on the end of your Twitter post.



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The #scrm hashtag has been used for over a year to address the blend of social media message streams and CRM applications.

A question for advisors out there: If you learned that one of your clients bought a beach-front condo via a Facebook status update, and you had no idea the client was considering the purchase, what would you do?
billwinterberg , March 23, 2010

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