With Everyone Bombarded By Content, How Can Financial Advisors Make Content Marketing Work?

Friday, August 02, 2013 14:03
With Everyone Bombarded By Content, How Can Financial Advisors Make Content Marketing Work?

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Original content is still king, but not if it’s low quality. The mistake the vast majority of advisors are making in content marketing is hiring a writer who produces content but it’s poor quality content. Or they produce the content themselves and it does not have the three qualities needed to be effective.
Any writer you hire to help you with content marketing needs to know about financial planning and search engine optimization as well as how to write well.
In my experience, it’s extremely rare you find anyone with deep knowledge of all three of these disciplines.
As a result, most content advisors produce by hiring freelance writers is missing the targeted keywords to attract the right prospects, lacking the sophisticated financial advice wealthy individuals value, or is poorly written.
In an age where people have too much content coming at them, how can advisors make content marketing work?
The answer is not in producing more content. It’s in providing content people value. The answer is quality, not quantity.
High-net worth individuals targeted by financial advisors are bombarded with information. We all are.
Advisors can make content marketing effective by providing real knowledge about financial planning and investment management targeted to their local prospects and filled with their keywords.
For content marketing to work, it must have keywords, financial wisdom and be well-written. If it does not have all three qualities, it won’t be effective.
I’ve been consulting to advisors to help them nail down their keywords and target markets. I spend an hour or two with an advisor on the phone learning about his business, target clients and locale.
The ideas we wind up blogging about are usually surprising.
For example, we’re writing blog posts now for an advisor about the cost of joining different country club memberships, since that is the main reason for moving to the area and one of the biggest expenses retirees in that area face. I assign the articles, write a tentative title, and a writer takes it from there.  I only assign writers who actually know a lot about wealth management. The copy that results is targeted to an advisor’s niches, packed with local keywords, and imparts real knowledge.  

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