Putting The Bull Run In Perspective In Client Communications

Friday, March 15, 2013 12:32
Putting The Bull Run In Perspective In Client Communications

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With the stock market breaking new records recently, there is no shortage of opinions about what will happen next. Your clients, as always, are being bombarded with messages that often conflict with your advice and--unless you remind them often about the sensible way to examine the market's behavior--they will inevitably be influenced by the flood of idas streaming from the Internet and mass media, messages that will surely conflict with yours. What's an advisor to do?

Advisor Products has been creating content for advisors for 16 years and we're really good it. We have partnered with thought leaders like Fritz Meyer and Dr. Craig Israelsen to generate articles and videos that can be consumed easily by advisor clients.

Take a look at this article, The Case For A New Secular Bull Market, which is accompanied by two one-minute videos.

  • The articles and videos are placed on advisor websites.
  • We also write three status updates that can be automatically distributed to your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can edit the status updates to include your keywords for your local market or niche, helping to improve your  search engine rankings and attract conenctions searching for your content. We have evidence that this increases traffic to advisor websites by 500% with almost no effort by the advisor.
  • You can also use stories likes this in email newsletters.
  • If you buy Advisor Products content, you can rewrite our stories and use them as blog posts. You can customize the rewritten articles with your keywords and that can help you with search engines if the rewrite makes a post different enough from the original version.
  • By adding a lead generation system and special report targeted to your local market or niches, a report we can write for you, you will have a credible content marketing (aka article marketing) campaign with quality information that people value.
  • Our content is FINRA-reviewed. (However, if you materially change the articles or tweets, the FINRA review could be rendered worthless.)
  • No one offers intelligent content and client communciations tools like we provide at prices that we offer. 




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