A Dead Simple Example Of How A Financial Advisor Can Benefit From Search Engine Optimization

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 11:23
A Dead Simple Example Of How A Financial Advisor Can Benefit From Search Engine Optimization


I talk to advisors about their websites and marketing strategy every day, and the majority of advisors still currently believe they cannot benefit from SEO. These are smart people, capable of understanding portfolio optimization, but they just have not spent the time to learn about SEO.
They almost always respond the same way when I bring up the subject of SEO: “I’ve had my website for many years and maybe I’ve gotten one qualified prospect from it who found me on a search engine.” 

The other response is: “I am not looking for prospects who are the kind of people who would use a search engine to find an advisor.”
These responses, borne of ignorance, bug the heck out of me.
SEO can help the most elite wealth managers, financial planners and investment advisors. You need to understand that everyone—that include ultra-high-net-worth individuals—are not searching for advisors on the Web. They’re searching for answers. They’re searching for answers to very specific questions:
How can Long Island gardeners who earned extra cash during Hurricane Sandy avoid paying higher taxes?
What are the solutions to tax traps for doctors on Long Island who don’t accept insurance? Does it pay to take a home equity loan to participate in Computer Associates’ deferred compensation plan help me in retirement planning?
When you blog, you need to write about very specific problems like these. Load the keywords —search terms—that your target markets will use to find answers to solve their financial problems. When you do that, you make it much more likely that your posts will come up high in searches conducted by your target markets—your ideal clients.
Last week, I posted a sponsored content piece about using the right keywords and, at the very end of the post, I used the keyword phrase “tax traps for doctors in Long Island.” A day later, after Google had a chance to index the page, I conducted a search for the term ““tax traps for doctors in Long Island.” Like clockwork, that post was No. 1 in Google rankings.
I’ve taken a screen shot (below) because the tem is not one I will continue to blog about and advisors on Long Island will probably copy the idea and it won’t be No. 1 for long. But this was a perfect example for how Advisor Products is approaching search engine optimization for RIAs. We’re approaching it strategically, advisor by advisor. It’s not easy to do this right because you need valuable content that’s based on your keywords to make it work. But if you make the effort, the results are plain to see.  


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