Choosing Your Keywords Wisely: Tips For Wealth Managers

Monday, December 10, 2012 19:16
Choosing Your Keywords Wisely: Tips For Wealth Managers

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What are your keywords? For a financial advisor these days, knowing your keywords is as important having an elevator speech. If you think your keywords are “retirement plan,” “401(k),” “plan sponsor,” it’s important to repeat them. But what's far more important is to add local search terms, like your city and county or specific local employers you’re targeting. 


Think of keywords n two categories. Subject keywords cover the topics you write about. Geographic keywords are about your local market. Some advisors make the mistake of thinking that they have a refined enough niche not to place any emphasis on local search terms. Effectively, they think they can compete with national or international companies for visitors. That’s difficult to do, however.

For a financial advisor to blog or use social media effectively in marketing, competing for natural search rankings against firms like Merrill Lynch, Schwab, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade using keywords like "retirement plan" is obviously a poor strategy. Peppering your subject keywords with locale’s search terms should improve your posts’ chances of getting results.


If an advisor is working only with doctors, for example, blogging to doctors is unlikely to be specific enough.

For financial advisor marketing, further refinement of your keywords might be based on specificity of not a location but of the specialty of the advisor. In describing your practice and addressing potential clients in your Web content, an advisor wants to include local search terms in posts because a gazillion financial advisors across the nation specialize in doctors. The local angle is crucial.


Moreover, If you want niche-driven, SEO-optimized copy, you could further specify a particular kind of doctor you want to work with. For example, an advisor might want to blog and post updates to LinkedIn about bad financial surprises befalling doctors in Long Island who don't accept healthcare insurance.


Then you’ve got something. If you repeatedly provide valuable ideas to your audience, they will find you via search engines. Some of them will call you, and some of those calls will get you hired. But it may take months of weekly posts to work, depending on the specificity of your keywords and your locale. Few advisors are doing this because they need a content partner.


Just to be clear, this is the kind of work we do at Advisor Products. Because we understand search engine optimization and the financial advice business, we have unique skills and depth. We also have a technology platform that makes content marketing easy for investment advisors, including a social media dashboard to  automate content stream. We’re working on scripts that you can narrate, and that we will record and post as videos to YouTube or any other video site.


Takeaways: Financial advisors using natural search engine rankings to draw visitors to their sites or social pages must refine subject-matter specific content with local search terms to optimize content. A post with financial tips for doctors who don't accept insurance would still be too broad a topic to have success with a national audience. You would need add local search terms and sub-topics to better optimize your content for SEO, like posting content about tax traps for doctors on Long Island who don't accept insurance.


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A very cool example of how SEO works is in this post.

I ended this post with the phrase: "tax traps for doctors on Long Island who don't accept insurance."

I did that to show how SEO works. And it has worked perfectly.

A doctor who does not accept insurance and who falls into a tax trap might search "tax traps for doctors on Long Island" in order to find a solution.

As explain in this post, if you made "tax traps for doctors on Long Island" one of your keywords or keyword phrases, doctors on Long Island with tax problems would find you.

This is how SEO works.

Got it?

Now think about how you can customize content Advisor Products provides you in a social stream to do the same thing. It works but only the advisors smart enough to pay attention to content marketing strategy, and who work with a content marketing partner, are likely to have the discipline and content to pull it off.

Cool, huh?
agluck , December 12, 2012

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