Robert Keebler Webinars (2016)


January 29

Preparing 1040s: What Financial Advisors Must Know (2 CE Credits)

February 26

2016 Tax Planning Opportunities And Traps For Investment Advisors

March 31

IRAs And Roth IRAs After A Client Dies

April (moved to May 6)

A Financial Advisor's Guide To College Funding

May 25

Everything An Investment Fiduciary Needs To Know About Trusts And Estates

June 24

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income And Portfolio Drawdown Techniques

July 22

Minimizing Estate Taxes Of UHNWIs

August 26

Year-End Tax Planning Advice For Investment Advisors

September 30

Tax And Financial Planning Techniques For Most Americans

October 14

Business-Owner Tax Strategies And Trends

November 11

Celebrated Tax Cases And Celebrity Tax Snafus Of 2016

December 16

Strategies For CPA Financial Planners

Keebler's Tax Analysis And Explanation Slide Shows







Robert Keebler Webinars (2015)

January 23

A Detailed Guide To IRS Form 1040 For IA Reps (2 CE Credits)

February 27

2015 Tax Traps, Tips, And Tricks For Investment Advisers

March 20

Tax Planning For Concentrated Low-Basis Positions, Options, And Margin Accounts

April 24

Everything A Financial Advisor Needs To Know About College Funding And Taxes

May (moved to June 2)

IRAs, Roth IRAs And Investment Advisors

June 26

What Financial Advisors Must Know About Retirement Income Tax Planning

July 31

Best Practices For Financial Planners In Minimizing Estate Tax

August 28

Year-End Tax Planning Tips For 2015 And Investment Advisers

September 18 (postponed to October 29)

Tax-Aware Investing: Best Practices For IA Reps

October 2

Business-Owner Tax Rules Investment Advisors Must Know About For 2016

November 20

Celebrated Tax Cases Of 2015 And Celebrity Tax Cases In The News

December 18

Strategies For CPA Financial Planners