Price of Investment Advisor Research By Fritz Meyer Slashed By 50%

Thursday, December 22, 2011 15:12
Price of Investment Advisor Research By Fritz Meyer Slashed By 50%

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Fritz Meyer’s research is already very popular with investment advisors, but it’s about to become even more popular: Advisor Products slashed the price from $50 to $25 a month if you sign up for a one-year subscription.

This Website Is For Financial Professionals Only

Meyer’s research is updated monthly in a 70-slide PowerPoint. The content is well suited to investment advisors utilizing strategic asset allocation and broad diversification and who would benefit from continually educating, assuring, and reminding clients taking a long-term perspective on investing.


Every month, Meyer produces a presentation examining fundamentals driving investment markets. Hundreds of independent financial advisors view his monthly webinars and give Meyer rave reviews. The webinar is free.

If you purchase the slides makes after attending Meyer’s webinar and hearing his latest comments on the economy, it’s easy for you to create your own content using Fritz’s slides.




You can use any of Meyer’s slides in your client meetings, webinars, seminars, blog posts, or newsletters.


Leveraging Fritz Meyer’s research makes it far easier for financial advisors to generate a personal social media content stream that is based on economic facts and analysis and framed by a long-term perspective.


In addition to distributing Fritz Meyer’s slide shows, Advisor Products embeds Meyer’s research in websites and newsletters. Every month, the highlights of Meyer’s webinar are edited into one-minute videos and articles are written to accompany them and they are sold with Platinum advisor websites.


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If we're already getting the slides, is this an automatic thing, then? Or do we need to call in and re-subscribe?
vguettlein , December 23, 2011
Please unsubscribe from the $50 a month payment plan and resubscribe to the annual plan @ $25 a month.

Scroll to bottom at
agluck , December 23, 2011

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