FINRA Gears Up To Fine-Tune Its Social Media Guidance

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 22:10
FINRA Gears Up To Fine-Tune Its Social Media Guidance

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Rick Ketchum knows that just about everyone in the business is "struggling" to figure out how to interact with clients and prospects through social media without crossing the lines.

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He promises that guidance on everything from linking to third-party websites to capturing all activity on mobile devices will be coming by the end of the year -- although another FINRA executive, Joseph Price, says the new rules could hit the SEC in a few weeks.


Price goes into a lot more detail. As he points out, the new social media code of conduct won't change anything that broker-dealers are currently working with, but will only extend the information advisors already have.


In fact, he says the new rules will be drafted question-and-answer style, in the grand tradition of online Frequently Asked Question lists.

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