Tax Firm's Estate Planning Push Highlights The Value Of Smart Specialization

Friday, March 09, 2012 09:45
Tax Firm's Estate Planning Push Highlights The Value Of Smart Specialization

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Tax-focused firms have been moving in fits and starts toward the advisory mainstream for years now. Now it looks like estate planning is in the accountants' sights as well.

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National tax advisory firm UHY just picked up a pair of very experienced estate planners to accelerate their move into that end of the business.


Sharon Goodman and Joseph Falanga will both work out of the New York City office and Falanga in particular will travel, acting as a sort of "estate planning ambassador" for UHY consultants from Texas to New England.


Given how I've seen star relationships work at other firms, UHY is now able to refer clients from throughout the country to the New York team for help with their estate planning needs.


That gives them the ability to leverage high-powered talent across their national market, without the expense of having to build out a separate specialty practice in every branch.


It's a great way to deliver specialized expertise, and of course if there's more demand than what Goodman and Falanga can keep up with, they can always scale capacity to match.


And it bears thinking about: are you more of a specialist or a generalist?


If you've always felt constrained by your local market, why not partner with firms elsewhere who could use an occasional hour or two of our time?


And if you're doing fine as a generalist, what specialized expertise could you bring in on a consultancy basis to serve your clients better?




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