Domestic Energy: A Resurging Investment Frontier

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 07:04
Domestic Energy: A Resurging Investment Frontier

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Some of the best news for 2012 has received very little attention: in 2012, domestic crude oil production rose more than in another other year in history.
And 2013 already looks like it may beat it. The long-held assumption has been that America would forever be dependent on foreign oil. The past three years have turned this premise completely around.

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That means the master limited partnership (MLP) may be back. Market size has reached about $40 billion over the past few years and is predicted to grow to $60 billion in the near future.
These are not yet numbers of major oil company proportion but they are solid numbers coming out of a period when American dependence on oil has been almost completely foreign.
The growth of the market has had a small impact on the oil market, recently lowering crude to $80 per barrel because of the added supply.
It seems to be bolstering demand for midstream products and services. The MLP market cap weighting is currently around 7% and it is predicted that good fundamentals will possibly nudge
it to 7.5%.
Oppenheimer funds recently bought an MLP, SteelPath. The interest of such a large fund company may be a signal for future energy investing.

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