New Online Lead Generation Engines Are Flipping Standard Referral Methods On Their Heads

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 08:35
New Online Lead Generation Engines Are Flipping Standard Referral Methods On Their Heads

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Social media and the internet have completely turned the lead generation engine for financial advisors on its head.

This is the topic of another article in the February issue of Research Magazine as reported by Advisor One.
Instead of advisors seeking out clients, clients seek out advisors online, just as they would a plumber, roofer, or even a future spouse.

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Now, there are firms designed to help you attract clients to you. The process is designed to
engage prospects searching online, then give you a direct way to interface with them.
Online portals such as Boulevard R, Advice IQ, BrightScope, My New Financial Advisor, Paladin Registry, and Vestorly either help prospects vet advisors or function as a matching service.
Boulevard R offers advisors a web-based marketing platform that is designed to qualify prospects, then lead to a first meeting.
Advizent is developing a third-party seal-of-approval system for independent advisory firms who join its cooperative.
The portals make it easier for advisors to communicate directly with prospects who are seeking them out.
The biggest change in marketing today is the fact that investors are the beginning points of engagement in the relationship.
Referrals have long been the biggest source for new business but those have usually emanated from an advisor’s current client base or requests for referrals.
Paladin Registry was a forerunner of the current portals. Launched in 2004, the site is an online directory for advisors who have been previously screened for ethics, business practices, services, and credentials.
Paladin markets its ratings service on various other websites including its own Over 40% of visitors to the site are looking for a new financial advisor.
The site also employs social media and search engine optimization to attract visitors.
Investors like the site because they can use it as an initial screening while remaining unknown to the advisor.
Portals like Advizent are also reaching out to investors by way of old-fashioned journalism, distributing three articles per day written by member advisors.
The new ways of marketing are easier, offer greater credibility, and facilitate relationship-building.
The ability to prescreen opens prospects up to be educated and to make a more informed choice on their own terms, increasing the potential quality of the relationship from the get-go.


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