Advisor Tech Trends: Do You Measure Up?

Monday, February 01, 2016 19:42
Advisor Tech Trends: Do You Measure Up?

Measuring financial advisor tech trends has always been the job of custodians, BDs, and magazines but none is a very good source of data on technology preferences of financial advice professionals.

You never know exactly how much of the content you can trust from a custodian selling you their platform. And do the tech preferences of 100,000 securities and insurance salespeople matter to you if you’re an independent financial planning or investment professional? 

That’s why I am so excited about the starting the series on advisor tech trends conducted by independent financial services market researcher, Dennis Gallant, and his team at GDC Research. The first survey asks about client engagement and tech tools..

Dennis has been conducting market research of financial advisors for 25 years. He knows how to ask questions that are not leading. He knows how to design surveys that will yield A4A members competitive intelligence.

Until now, advisors could not work directly with a market research firm like GDC. A4A gives Gallant a way of collaborating directly with A4A’s financial advice professionals. Now Dennis Gallant works for youand there is no product to push, no services to sell you. Just questions driven by what he believes will help you become a better professional financial services firm and allow him to get data about our audience to firms that buy his research.  

A4A members are professionals with designations or you wouldn’t pay the cost of admission. You chose to join because A4A satisfied a need and that’s great. Now it would be a prvilege to enable you to benefit from the collective knowledge of the community you've helped to build by taking about 11 minutes to answer the survey. If you are an A4A member and take the survey, you will be invited to join Dennis Gallant’s February 12, 2016 in which he will present the findings in the context of current trends.

At that session, Gallant will ask you questions following up on the online survey and share the answers with you on the spot.

In case you have not figured it out yet, conducting market research has been an interest of mine since I was student at NYU in in 1976. Professor John Kochevar taught Mass Media and Communications, and who had a side-gig writing opinion polls gave me a part-time job. Kochevar had me calling random people from my home the summer I turned 20. He taught me how to conduct opinion polls and he taught me enough to know it’s science and art. 

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