What You’re Missing By Not Joining Advisors4Advisors

Thursday, December 22, 2011 14:49
What You’re Missing By Not Joining Advisors4Advisors

Advisors4Advisors is doing something different. We’re aggregating top news from outlets all over the profession and we’re offering analysis on key stories. So you get breaking news affecting investment advisors from all over the Web as well as our own original analysis.

Moreover, we’re relentlessly focused on practice improvement and professional development. You won’t find coverage anywhere else that is more focused on helping you improve your business and professionalism.
A4A believes that, over the next 10 years, a shakeout will begin in the investment advice business and trim its ranks drastically over the following two decades.
To survive and thrive, an advisor will need professional credentials and a focus on serving high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-HNWIs. A4A’s content is geared to advisors concerned about this long-term trend and the growing importance of professional knowledge and business skills.
If you are not a member, you don’t get Daily Digest, our daily news aggregation and analysis. Daily Digest also includes all new comments and reviews posted by members over the past 24 hours as well as free access to our On-Demand Continuing Education Store. For $60 a year, we’ll email you Daily Digest.
Here’s what you’re missing by not joining for $60 a year.




$60 A Year

Daily Digest

No Access

A daily email with a roundup of top advisor news from all major outlets targeting private wealth managers and original analysis of key topics.


No Access

Replay any of more than 100 practice management webinars.

Continuing Education

No Access

Take an online quiz at the end of a webinar replay and CFP® CE is automatically filed for you by A4A.

No quiz required when you attend live webinars. Simply fill in a form at end of live webinar for CFP® credit.

IMCA credit must be manually filed by you.


No Access

Advisors rate and review dozens of software applications, consultants, and vendors using a five-star system. What’s working for advisors and what’s not. The largest database of advisor reviews on the Web.


You can see a list of the most-read posts of the past year, quarter, month and week, but you can’t read them.

See a list of the most read stories of the past year, quarter, month and week, and read any story on the list by clicking on it.


You can see the first few words of recent comments but can’t read full comments or make a comment.

Read and add comments.



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