Unique Visitors To Advisors4Advisors Up More Than 600% Since End of 2010

Monday, August 08, 2011 16:17
Unique Visitors To Advisors4Advisors Up More Than 600% Since End of 2010

As shown in the chart below from Google Analytics, monthly unique visitors to Advisors4Advisors has soared more than 600% since the the end of 2010. 


Since changing our coverage in January, advisors have responded. And so far this month, the growth has accelerated sharply.


While it is not customary for sites like A4A to share Google Analytics figures, I have an ulterior motive.


Though we have successfully built a unique vehicle for advisors, we have not invested at all in getting additional sponsors.


We're focused on writing great content and too small to spend resources selling sponsorships.


If you would like to sponsor or help us sell sponsorships, please give me a call at 516 333 0066 x222. 


Sponsors get benefits that no other outlet targeting advisors provides, and we have many of the best minds in the industry supporting our effort to deliver practical ideas to manage an advisory business.  







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Congratulations on getting your traffic to increase 600%. I know how much work that it takes to get this level of improvement. You should share some of your secrets in how you've done this.

Josh Patrick
Joshco0752 , August 09, 2011
Joshco0752: A4A is getting more readers because we're providing important ideas consistently. The takeaway for advisors: if you post content clients and prospects need, they will respond. You must create content that helps your target market understand issues they face.

That only sounds simple.

For example, last Friday night at 730 p.m., I received an alert saying S&P downgraded the U.S. I immediately planned a "special edition" to help advisors manage the issue. By Saturday afternoon, we published articles by Clark Blackman, Tom Kochis, Ron Surz, Dennis Stearns along with staff reports from Steve Higgins and Scott Martin and me. It was serious analysis, totally original ideas and delivered when advisors needed it.

Creating thoughtful content consistently is hard work. But advisors who can write well can do it. Advisors who can speak well can make videos and slidecasts. It's not easy but you will develop a loyal audience if you do it well.

The hardest part is that feedback in the form of comments, retweets and "likes" is limited. You feel like you are creating content and no one is seeing it. But as the numbers show -- A4A's now getting 10,000 unique visitors monthly and 60% of them are repeat visitors -- good content engages your audience if you have the discipline to stick with it and do it well.
agluck , August 10, 2011

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