Advisors4Advisors Is Getting 10,000 Unique Visitors Monthly, And I Just Returned From The TDAI Conference Where Some Of You Were Really Nice To Me
Monday, February 06, 2012 15:37

I just returned from the TD Ameritrade Institutional conference in Orlando and while I was there, A4A broke a new barrier, surpassing 10,000 monthly unique visitors.

Thank you for affirming that A4A is heading in the right direction. It's inspirational.
For example, on Friday morning, I awoke in a frenzy.

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I had not given a second’s thought about what I was going to say at an 11 a.m. speaking session, and I shared the podium with three other writers covering technology and practice management, Joel Bruckenstein, Davis Janowski, and Bill Winterberg. Jon Patullo, a senior tech executive at TDAI was the moderator.  I was unprepared and would be humiliated. Why do I always get myself into these disastrous deadline situations?
I woke up at seven, showered, packed, checked out, and had settled in with a cup of coffee at the social media lab at by 8:10. The six or eight tables comprising the lab were empty because attendees were heading to the ballroom to see former Vice-President Richard B. Cheney speak at 8:30. I remained undisturbed for 15 productive minutes when Glenn Young, a TDAI relationship manager, passes by and doesn’t say hello. I guess he could tell I was thinking and didn’t want to disturb me, but I had to give him a hard time for not saying hello.
Glenn moved on quickly, but not 10 feet behind me, he starts talking with an advisor who, after Cheney was done, would be speaking at the social media lab about search engine optimization. I knew the advisor’s firm name (a customer of Advisor Products) and had to say hello to him. Of course, then I could not stop talking to him because he’s really sharp and we share an interest in SEO and financial advisors.
The advisor sits down at my table and we’re talking for a few minutes, when another advisor storms out of the ballroom and, clearly agitated, sits down at the table and declares: “Cheney is so full of crap.” He rails on the ailing former Vice-President for a moment and then the three of us get to talking.
I need to prepare for my session and threaten to go back to my room if they don’t stop speaking to me.
Then the guy who dislikes Cheney tells me, “A4A is great. I love it.”
I tell the pair about how I stink at getting advertisers for A4A and they were so supportive.
Point is, A4A readers are really nice to me. Thanks.


The 401(k) Opportunity For Advisors; Download Apollo Lupescu's Presentation Slides Here If You're An A4A Member
Friday, January 13, 2012 17:50

Tags: 401(k)

Apollo Lupescu's presentation this afternoon about the confluence of events that has created a business opportunity for private wealth advisors makes a strong case for using turnkey solutions to outsource entering the 401(k) business.

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Download Apollo's slides and check back in a few days when we'll get answers to about 20 questions we did not have time to answer in the 70-minute live session.


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What You’re Missing By Not Joining Advisors4Advisors
Thursday, December 22, 2011 14:49

Advisors4Advisors is doing something different. We’re aggregating top news from outlets all over the profession and we’re offering analysis on key stories. So you get breaking news affecting investment advisors from all over the Web as well as our own original analysis.

Moreover, we’re relentlessly focused on practice improvement and professional development. You won’t find coverage anywhere else that is more focused on helping you improve your business and professionalism.

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A4A believes that, over the next 10 years, a shakeout will begin in the investment advice business and trim its ranks drastically over the following two decades.
To survive and thrive, an advisor will need professional credentials and a focus on serving high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-HNWIs. A4A’s content is geared to advisors concerned about this long-term trend and the growing importance of professional knowledge and business skills.
If you are not a member, you don’t get Daily Digest, our daily news aggregation and analysis. Daily Digest also includes all new comments and reviews posted by members over the past 24 hours as well as free access to our On-Demand Continuing Education Store. For $60 a year, we’ll email you Daily Digest.
Here’s what you’re missing by not joining for $60 a year.




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IMCA credit must be manually filed by you.


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Advisors rate and review dozens of software applications, consultants, and vendors using a five-star system. What’s working for advisors and what’s not. The largest database of advisor reviews on the Web.


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Read and add comments.



Why Is Advisors4Advisors Donating To Bubbles The Clown's Charitable Organization?
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 13:49


About two weeks ago, I stumbled into a story about how businesses can partner with charitable organizations. Being a win-win kind of guy, I was intrigued.
The Web then drew me in. Within a few clicks, I landed at, a website where charitable organizations are rated by donors, friends, and a healthy smattering of skeptics. And that’s when I stumbled upon Bubbles The Clown.

This Website Is For Financial Professionals Only

Bubbles was listed among the top 25 in’s ratings of charities. As I scanned the list of top-rated national charities—with names and missions that were sobering, serious, and noble—there was Bubbles the Clown. It stuck out. It was a purple cow.
“I work with grad students who are looking for jobs,” Kate D said in her review of Bubbles The Clown’s charity, It’s About The Kids Education Organization Inc. “Too often they are loaded with debt and cannot avoid taking jobs they don't want because they have to start paying off their loans. If these very smart people had gotten the message from Bubbles the Clown when they were young about saving money, they might have avoided the problems they are facing now.”
Reviews that followed were filled with similarly stirring personal stories from people who had seen Bubbles The Clown’s act.
Bubbles the Clown’s real name is David Felzenberg. A professional clown for over 25 years, Felzenberg is a “mensch,” which is Yiddush for “really good guy.”
Sure, Felzenberg also does private parties—birthdays for children, Bar Mitzvahs, church gatherings, and other such gigs, and professional clowning is indeed the way he supports himself.
But Felzenberg went beyond the call of duty as a professional clown—and thus merits “mensch” status— by creating a financial literacy program for three- to eight-years old children. Bubbles has a 75-minute show teaching kids in inner cities fundamental lessons about money. Felzenberg has done the act in elementary schools in some of Baltimore’s toughest neighborhoods.
With your help, I would like to try to help Felzenberg take his act nationally. Bubbles’ lessons about money management teach kids about the meaning of a dollar and the importance of saving. For most children, it’s the first time anyone has ever tried to teach them a lesson on money.
So here’s the deal: If you join Advisors4Advisors (A4A) now, we will donate $20 of our tiny $60 annual membership fee to Bubbles The Clown’s financial literacy program.
I first posted this offer about two weeks ago, and subscriptions are way up since then. Thank you!
A4A has about 4000 subscribers but more than twice as many monthly unique visitors. So a bunch of advisors are visiting A4A daily but not paying our pitifully low $60 annual fee.
I am hoping this offer—which makes winners of you, me, Bubbles, and children— will persuade you to join.
And, by the way, you can also bring Bubbles to your town to conduct his financial literacy class for children. For $1500 (plus travel expenses), Felzenberg will come to your community. You can host an “open house” featuring Bubbles. While the kids attend Bubbles’ financial literacy show, you meet their parents and grandparents.
To learn more about bringing Bubbles to your town, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . (Bubbles has voluntarily submitted to a background check by the FBI and Maryland State Police.)
One other benefit to those joining A4A now to take advantage of our partnership with Bubbles: You can post a logo on your website like the one at the bottom right saying you support Bubbles' charitable organization and link to Bubbles so help him spread his financial literacy mess to children.
That’s why A4A is donating to Bubbles the Clown’s charitable organization.


What Were The Most Important News Stories Of 2011 To Financial Advisors?
Saturday, December 03, 2011 20:24

Tags: advisor technology | investment advisors | practice management


The new Trending page on Advisors4Advisors is Internet gold. It displays a listing of the most popular articles on A4A over the past year, quarter, month, and week.
Since A4A aggregates news from other websites targeted to advisors in addition to producing original analysis and news content for advisors, our database of articles reflects a broad range of the issues being covered all over the independent advisor business.

This Website Is For Financial Professionals Only

By exposing stories readers find valuable over a one-year period, you can see what’s really important to advisors.
Website trending pages on popular sites typically display 24-hour trends, or even shorter periods. Some go with a one-week trend. We’re showing a one-year and one-quarter trend, even though I haven’t seen any other websites use so long period.
In fact, the one-year and three-month topics, are arguably far more valuable than the one-day or one-week trends in gaining an understanding of what’s important to advisors.
I’m pleased to say that the most popular story of the year is, The CFP Business Model Needs Help And Here's What You Can Do About It . It’s an important topic and it’s gotten the attention of many thousands of advisors.
The No. 2 story of 2011 was a self-help story, How Financial Advisors Can Make Internet Explorer Better Suited To Their Browsing Habits. The story explains how to set up your browser to for easy access to sites you visit all the time. Another “how to” story that was very popular: Should Financial Advisors Register With Google Places? And Do Google Ratings And Reviews Break Rules Prohibiting RIA Testimonials?
The most popular story of the past three months ahs been Former NAPFA Chairman Mark Spangler's Home Raided By FBI In Criminal Fraud Investigation. No. 2 was entitled TD Ameritrade Integration With Salesforce Outdoes Schwab's Effort. A story that just published about 10 days ago and that has quickly shot to the top of the three-month list is More Details On The Implosion Of The Phoenix Office Of GenSpring, The Nation’s Largest Private Wealth RIA.  An article entitled, After Three-Year Legal Battle With fi360, Don Trone Is Back With A New Designation For Investment Fiduciaries, was also pretty high rated.   
All but the story about Spangler mentioned above were stories that you won’t find anywhere. We broker them and they were not covered anywhere.
And A4A is breaking news regularly now. Last week, we published Wealthfront, A Potentially Disruptive Online Wealth Management Solution, Is Funded By Silicon Valley Bigshots And Competes Against Advisors, and Fritz Meyer’s analysis of the 7% surge in stocks that ran the day after the 490-point run up in the DJIA were widely read, and we’re committed to delivering thoughtful analysis and news about the advisor practice management that you won’t find anywhere else.


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